24 January, 2011

two zero one one .

haha . kelaka pulak baru nk cerite pasal tahun baru nyh kan . hee . owkey owkey . i think i want speeking laa . hee . nk try bleyh x nyh . kalau ade grammar error jangan segan segan laa nk tegur yeah . thx . yeah , this about story new years .
You know how you"re supposed to come up with a list of "resolution" at the beginning of the year to try to make yourself a better person ? well , the problem is it"s not easy to for me to think of ways to improve myself , because i"m already pretty much one of the best people i know . so this year my resolution is to try to help other people improve . but the thing i"m finding out is that some people dont"t really apperciate it when you"re trying to be helpful . one thing i noticed right off the bat is that the people in my family are doing a lousy job sticking to their new years resolution . mom said she was gonna start going to the gym today , but she spent the whole afternoon watcing tv . and dad said he was gonna on a stirct diet , but after dinner i caught him out in the garage , stuffing his face with brownies . even my little brother , YANG , couldn"t stick with his resolution . this morning he told everyone that he"s a "big boy" and he"s giving up his pacifier for good . then he threw his favourite binkie in the trash . well , that new years resolution dind"t even last a full minute . the only person in my family who dind"t come up with a resolution is my older brother , AIMAN , and thats a pity because his list should be about a mile and a half long . so i  decided to come upwith a programme to help AIMAN be a better person . i called my plan "three strikes and you"re out" . the basic idea was that every time i saw AIMAN messing had a chance to decide what "youre out" meant . anyway , im starting to wonder if i should just bag my resolution too . its a lot of work , and so far i haven"t really made any progress . besides , after i reminded mam for like the billionth time to stop chewing her crisps so lound , she mad a relly good point . she said , "everyone can"t be as perfect as you , ZUBAIR . and from what i"ve seen so far i think she"s right . 

yeah . finally . huh . :D


  1. HEYY ! nice blogg , tak join nuffnag untuk buadd earnings ?

  2. heyy . thx tahu . emm . actually nk join but x pandai laa .


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